Who we are

We are a Mexican company dedicated to marketing, import and export of products of different economic sectors. We select wholesalers in the United States, China, Europe and Latin America based on their needs, offering a competitive price through a cost structure model of services and products that allow our clients to make better purchasing decisions. Maximizing profitability and improving the branding of our products.


  • Respect: Is to recognize in oneself and in others their rights and virtues with dignity giving each person their value. This equality requires an attentive and respectful treat towards each person. Respect becomes a condition of fairness and justice, where peaceful coexistence is achieved only if we consider that this value is a condition to live in peace with those around us.
  • Humility: The word Humility comes from the Latin humilitas, which means "glued to the ground." It is a moral virtue contrary to pride, which humans possess to recognize their weaknesses, qualities and abilities, and use them to work for the good of others, without saying it.
  • Honesty: We establish the truth as a basic tool to build trust and credibility of the company, behaving transparently to our fellows. Leading with humility recognizing that ideas can come from anyone, we can all learn something new from them.
  • Responsibility: It is accepting what is required, we honor the role entrusted and take it out consciously, putting the best of oneself. Performing our duties with integrity and sense of purpose.
  • Leadership: It is a relationship between leaders and collaborators based in a mutual influence and common purpose, which are taken to higher levels of motivation and moral development as they occur in practice- The leader is influenced by collaborators and viceversa while working together to achieve an important goal. Leadership is a vision of the future: pushes, motivates and organizes people to achieve a common goal.
  • Work Culture: The work culture is a representation of the patterns of organizational behavior and values, assumptions, beliefs or ideologies shared among members regarding work. In this sense, culture implies shared and unspoken ways it perceives thinks and reacts to different contexts. For its part, the term refers to a set of onerous, disciplined and productive activities directed to some purpose.