The European avocado market is under supplied at the moment, with high prices being paid due to the growing demand ahead of the Easter celebrations.

Spain is selling its final volumes, which are reaching prices of around 14 Euro per case for the scarce commercial calibres 18, 20 and 22.

"The market is really under supplied," stated Óscar Martínez, of the export department of Reyes Gutiérrez. "We barely have any avocados and there is some panic amongst large European distributors, as we are finding it impossible to fill their orders."

The average European consumption stands at around 5,000-5,500 tonnes of avocados per week, to which we must add that of the neighbouring countries in North Africa.

"Israel's campaign has already finished and Morocco only has second-class fruit and small calibres, for which the market is willing to pay high prices. Furthermore, there are hardly any Chilean avocados left, with their final Hass avocado shipments not reaching more than 200 tonnes," explains Óscar Martínez.

For its part, Peru's export campaign is also delayed due to El Niño and other weather adversities, although some unsuspecting importers have already loaded small volumes of unripe avocados that don't meet the dry matter level requirements established by the Peruvian SENASA.

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Publication date: 3/26/2015